Saturday, November 08, 2008

No More Flying Fox !

This coming Monday will be our company, Dennis Wee Group's annual retreat. Last year
we had the Flying Fox and my article was heavily googled. What a pleasant surprise.!

I understand that there will be some new challenges arranged to test our endurance and team work....something to do with wall-climbing. I am not good at climbing. I remember when we growing up in the village of Jelutong in Penang, my siblings and I would climb some coconut and fruit trees. As usual I would always be at the lowest rung of the coconut tree. In those days short pants were quite broad at the hems and of course, when I looked up, what did I see?

Dr. Wee and his management team often come up with innovative and fun ideas in the Retreat. I hope to be a little more agile this time, as I have shed some weight. I must try to get sufficient sleep the night before. Hope my engine will continue to run smoothly. Toot! Toot! Here comes the Choo Choo Train!

Gan Chau

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