Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bird Nests for the Poor!

A bunch of goodness - bird nests for the poor!

Notice the centre of the leaves - the dark patch with the writing like a brush stroke of the word ren or man?

I had gone to Chantilly Rise to visit my sister who had just arrived from Kuching. When sister heard that I had not been well for the past two weeks, she quickly gave me a bunch of the herbs which she had plucked from her garden in Kuching. Sister had asthma and could not get better after seeing the doctor. She decided to brew the tea leaves and after drinking for two days, she made a rapid recovery.

After boiling a pot of the herbs, and drinking them, I felt so much better. My voice was clearer and my throat had less mucous. My coughing was greatly reduced. I also gave Jasmin, my tenant a big cup of tea to drink, and he was able to sleep soundly at night despite his fever and was well enough to go to work the next day.

I had tried to grow the herbal plants but only succeeded in growing one plant. With the stems of the last batch, I hope to be more successful in growing them. Sister's plants grow abundantly on the ground. I could not find the English name for the plants except that as the leaves have the word "ren" on them, it is as if the Creator has Himself endorsed his signature on the leaves! As the leaves are known to cure many ailments, the people call them the "bird nests for the poor."
I guess the name given to the herbs is very appropriate because it has all the goodness that can be found in birdnests, but unlike birdnests, it can be grown quite easily and abundantly. Hence it is available to all who believe in its goodness. Indeed the Creator has given us so many natural cures in the form of herbs and plants. Even animals know where to look for herbs when they are unwell. Whenever I see my dogs eating grass, I allow them as I know they must be feeling unwell. After eating the grass or leaves of plants, they will throw out and will be as good as gold again!

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