Sunday, April 26, 2009

Star Awards 2009

I was quite excited about the Star Awards 2009 and purposely stayed at home to watch the program which just ended an hour ago. This was my first experience of watching the Star Awards! Wow! A three hour program from 7.00 p.m. to 10.00p.m. President Nathan and Mrs. Nathan were the Guests-of-Honour, and I salute them for sitting through the whole awards presentation. Mandarin was mainly spoken with a few stars saying some words of thanks in English. How I wish the organisers had put a gentleman to sit next to the President and a lady next to Mrs. Nathan, so that both of them could translate a summary of what was going on whenever the audience clapped. This would enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the Star Awards.

My tenant from India, Jasmine, had watched The Little Nonya, Nanny Daddy, and a few other serials. Hence, I helped to translate into English as we watched the Star Awards 2009 at home. Jasmine was disappointed that his favourite actor, Adrian Pang, the main actor in Nanny Daddy did not win the award for Best Actor. The award went to Chen Han Wei. However, he was glad he had seen Adrian Pang when Adrian was one of the two comperes at the President's Command Performance. I had predicted that Joanne Peh would have a great chance of winning the best actress award as her role of Yuzhu was superbly portrayed! I was also glad that Ng Hui was voted as best supporting actress for her role as the maid, Ah Tao in The Little Nonya. Ng Hui is very natural and expressive. I am also glad that my favourite actor, Qiu Yiwu was also voted as one of the ten popular artistes. He acted excellently in The Little Nonya and the movie 881 and Lotus 12.

Indeed Media Corp has improved greatly in their production of television serials. The actors and actresses have improved tremendously. Kudos! Keep on shining! May Singapore continue to glitter with growing and illuminating stars! May God continue to bless our President and Mrs. Nathan with great health so that they will continue to grace all important functions and ceremonies. May all our talented and versatile artistes continue to bloom and grow in their pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields.

Gan Chau

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