Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hooray! Lunch Breaks!


My best friend, Soh Wah, smiling radiantly, all ready for a good lunch!

As I was waiting for my friend, Soh Wah on the ground floor of her office, I observed the office workers as many of them came down the lifts. Everyone seemed happy and relaxed. I recalled the time when I was working as a legal secretary in the business district of Penang. Lunch time was the happiest for the staff for it meant an hour's break from the cold airconditioning. It also meant a chance to have some outdoor sunshine and a time to stretch the legs.

I had gone to the May Bank to check for some information on loan application for my clients. As Soh Wah's office is nearby, I thought I'd bring along Siow Lee Chin's CD to pass to Soh Wah. Soh Wah had missed Lee Chin's concert the evening before, and I thought she and her family might like to listen to her CD. It is amazing how Soh Wah can juggle her time so well. Despite being very busy with her career and family, she still finds time to meet up with friends, colleagues and relatives for lunch and sometimes, dinner.

Now that I am a property agent, lunch breaks that office staff take do not affect me any more except when I have lunch with my friends or clients. Otherwise, I often eat simply at home - simple fares like home-made salad, soup or noodles. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility of time. The greatest challenge is for me to manage my time well.

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