Saturday, April 18, 2009

Examplary Toastmasters

DTM Gea Ban Peng giving tips on what makes a speaker shine on stage

Kan Kin Fung with his presentation of table topics

Cher Khim always like to spice up his speech with humour!

Sporting Sky Yeo, presenting his speech
I had wanted very much to attend the chapter meeting of our Braddell Heights Advanced Club where DTM Gea Ban Peng was giving a talk as well as to give tips on how to improve our prepared and table topics speeches. However, I suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated after an afternoon of picnic with eldest sister and family. I knew I had to head for bed instead of for the club.
It was only when I took my blood pressure with the Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor given by my best friend, Soh Wah, that I realised my blood pressure was enormously and dangerously high, hovering around 176/104. No wonder of late, I had been having headaches, dizziness, nausea and excessive perspiration. Eldest sister asked me to stop being a toastmaster, but I told her I enjoyed my toastmaster's activities very much and perhaps would reduce some visits to clubs as project or language evaluator.
Hence, in view of my having been unwell for almost a month, I decided to have the 1st runner up to standby. Sky Yeo immediately obliged, and in his eagerness to help, he had forgotten about a meeting he had arranged prior to my request. Sky hopes to do an MBA course and one of the officers will be coming to Singapore to present. The meeting would be on the same day as the Division S Contest. If Sky misses this one, he would have to wait for another three or four months. I am really touched by Sky's selflessness and helpfulness. Hence, when I heard that Braddell Heights Advanced Toastmasters Club was organising another special meeting on Thursday, I quickly informed Sky and requested him to attend.
My sincere thanks and appreciation to DTM Gea Ban Peng, DTM Kan King Fung, Ng Cher Khim and Sky Yeo for their support. I am indeed very grateful for their time and commitment. Amazing how quick they were to respond to a need, and as the saying goes, I hope they will be even more richly blessed by their giving. The evening of sharing had opened new ideas and approach to handling table topics.

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