Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow! What a Spunky Lady !

Wow! What a spunky lady! Though she may not be a potential champion in the contest, she is already a winner by being so courageous to rap and dance on stage.
I love the lady's humour. When Amanda complimented her on her excellent memory, and shared that she would never remember the words at her age, the rapper cooly responded, "I remember them , sweeheart, because I wrote them!" The audience roared with laughter.

Out of the three judges I like Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan. Amanda strikes me as a sincere lady who feels deeply. Piers Morgan is charming and I like his interesting facial expression. Sometimes he looks like a cute, innocent looking puppy with that expression of surprise and enjoyment on his face. Simon looks gorgeous when he smiles, but he frowns more than he smiles! Simon Cowell has forgotten the lessons he has learnt while judging Susan Boyle.! He still had that same look he had when Susan first appeared on stage! While Amannda and Piers were enjoying the performance by the elderly rapper, Simon was somewhat impatient, and pressed the bell ...only 30 seconds more when the performance would be completed. Simon was also somewhat impatient with Hollie's ballet performance and raised his hands and was stunned when Hollie sang just 5 seconds after he showed his impatience. I admire the courage of all the performers in the face of discouragement, especially the elderly rapper who continued her performance despite Simon's pressing his red cross.

Amanda and Piers had enjoyed themselves and so had the audience. I have also enjoyed myself and as a 55 year old going to 70, I would say I have been greatly inspired! The elderly rapper is slim, youthful despite her age, and she even composed her own rap and she danced well. Kudos! As toastmasters, we love her wit and humour as well! I will try and compose a rap in the near future! Lady! You are my inspiration!

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