Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Longest Practice !

I was fighting my drowsiness caused by the flu tablets. I did not want to sleep because I would prefer to go to bed earlier in the evening. Hence I decided to practise my violin and to revise all the pieces I had learnt.

I was so engrossed in my practice that I did not realise the passing of time. By the time my tenants came back from work, I realised I had been practising for four hours. Surprisingly my arms and fingers were not numb! In the past, my fingers would get numb after a few minutes and I had to rest. I carried on playing, trying out new pieces and playing some hymns by ear.

Finally, the "E" string on my violin snapped, as if to protest against my continuous playing.! Only then did I stop practising, and realised I had played the violin for a full six hours! It is amazing that when one does what one enjoys, work no longer seems like work but play! I also wanted to stay awake to finish the pot of herbal tea which sister had brought for me from her garden in Kuching. I hope the "ren" tea will restore my voice and health in time for my speech contest this Friday evening.

I wonder if papa had let me learnt the violin when I was in school, I might be a violin teacher or concert violinist today? I had studied the piano but I had never practised for more than an hour and would only practise when I had to go for lessons the following day!! The feeling I get when playing the violin is so different from the piano.

Anyway, I am grateful for the opportunity to learn the violin albeit only recently. Better late than never. Maybe I will work hard on the violin like the way I worked hard on my toastmasters speeches for I have to say, "If I had more youth and more time, my procrastination would not be a crime." I am grateful to my teacher, Mr. Yan, for letting me play in his ensemble. I hope I can progress fast and soon join his Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra.

Gan Chau

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