Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Beloved Sister

Eldest sister with her good friends from Sarawak. Her friends are now
residing in Singapore.

With eldest grand-daughter, Debra at the Christmas concert in her church in Johore

With home-cell members in the home of her son, Samuel and daughter-in-law, Dea and their four lovely and clever daughters, Debra, Sophia, Phoebe and Gloria.

You will never be hungry with sister around. She's a great cook!
Now you know why I am overweight!
I always thank God for having given me the most wonderful sister. Being the last to come out of mama's womb, I have the privilege of being looked after and pampered by all my older siblings.
But mind you, I am not in the least spoilt, as my siblings will confirm. Despite being the youngest, I am quite independent because I dislike the idea of always bothering my older siblings.
Eldest sister Lee Lee is somewhat motherly. I suppose most ladies who are No. 1 in ranking tend to have that extra motherliness in them, for it calls for them to be protective towards their younger siblings. Hence, when I was in Primary School, I remember Sister was always the one to remind me to study hard and to be neat. Once I went to sleep with dirty feet, and sister yanked me out from the bed to wash my feet in the wee hours of the morning! That was how strict she could be.
Another time, I was playing with a rubber band, tying the rubber band around my little finger and then releasing it and repeating the process. Unfortunately I fell asleep with the rubber band still tied around my fingers. I shared a big wooden bed with eldest sister because I was too scared to sleep on my own. Eldest sister felt something cold on her face and when she turned on the light she was shocked to see my finger which had turned purplish black! She untied the rubber band and I cried as it was excruciatingly painful as the blood rushed back. Sister had saved my finger in the nick of time, or else today I will have difficulties in writing, typing or playing the piano and violin! Of course, I was severely scolded but I deserved the scolding.! After this incident, I no longer dared to play with rubber bands again.
Eldest sister always cared for papa. She knew that papa worked very hard, and she too did her part by becoming a school teacher. She helped to monitor papa's health, constantly reminding him to watch out for his diet.
Sister Lee Lee is very versatile. She taught herself so many things. She could sew and even sewed her own wedding gown as well as for her best friend. I was blessed with beautiful frocks and dresses that sister made for me. I remember how sister would lend my pretty clothes to her poor students for their concert performance because sister was also in charge of training and preparing her students for singing competition. Sister taught in a school located in an area known for its gangsters. But beneath my sister's petite frame was a tough lady who was not to be messed around with! The residents respected her and affectionately called her "The Cikgu" (Malay word for teacher). Some of the cheekier residents would tease her, "Cikgu bo cik beh" (Hokkien meaning sit on the cow and not on the horse or teacher does not sit on the horse). Sister would just smile. To her, it was imperative that she taught well, and helped to give her students a new lease of life through good education.
Sister can also dance very well. She is excellent in folk dancing and can even do the Indian classical dance, moving her head and eyes with panache!
It is amazing how well she can cook and she had even won the first prize in a cooking contest. Sister is very hospitable and loves to cook and entertain guests in her home.
Papa has passed his genes to all his children. Sister not only sings well but she also plays the piano very well. This talent comes in handy for her as a schoolteacher where she taught Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese. Sister is also very good in Mathematics, a subject which is just beyond my comprehension.!
A natural speaker, sister is excellent in story telling. As she is a voracious reader, I enjoy listening to her stories as well as new knowledge she has gleaned from her reading. For example, what herbs are good for health, etc. I have been influenced by sister to take an interest in growing lots of herbs along the corridor of my flat.
As sister is so energetic and always eager to learn, she looks much younger than her 68 years of age. She coaches her grandchildren in Chinese and Mathematics whenever she visits them, and still helps in churches when she is invited to speak or to teach some dances.
Being effectively bilingual, sister writes well in both Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese and had published a few articles. She had also written a short novel in Malay.
I am very happy for sister for now she is enjoying the fruits of her labour. After toiling for so many years to provide a good education for her three sons, Samuel, Daniel and Henry and adopted daughter, Esther, Sister is now retired. Well, I would say she is retyred! She is now like having a "second wind", still as active as ever. She is always eager to learn and equally curious about so many things with her inquring mind!
Whenever friends comment on my being active and versatile, I always tell them, "Wait till you meet my eldest sister. I pale in comparison to her!" Praise God for giving me such a great and wonderful sister! This is why I always feel so rich! I want to emulate her fine examples!
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