Saturday, April 11, 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

With my best friend, Soh Wah and Ning at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Ning with Soh Wah and Yew Tien

Ning with Soh Wah's lovely family. Her two sons, Phoon Yu and Phoon Yi are musically talented too like their father.

Little yam baskets, deliciously cooked and artistically displayed
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Soh Wah, as usual, with her kindness and generosity, invited Ning and me to Long Beach Restaurant at Dempsey Road. It was my first time at Dempsey Road. I am afraid I am one of those who eat to live and hence am not bothered with restaurants or culinary places of note and fame. It is always Soh Wah who will tell me where one can get excellent food in Singapore. She is indeed a connoisseur of good food.
Wow! What a charming place Dempsey area is. Long Beach is the second restaurant that is quite conspicuously seen from the main road, and it is a beautifully renovated black and white bungalow. Hence there are both indoor as well as outdoor dining. Knowing how easily I perspire, Soh Wah had chosen a table with air conditioning.
The food was truly sumptuous and Ning was particularly thrilled with the chilli crab that was beautifully garnished and set on aa huge plate. The bamboo clams, topped with lots of garlic and glass noodles were a feast for the eyes. The chefs are truly artists in their own right.
Long Beach Restaurant was so crowded and Ning wondered if there was truly a recession in Singapore! Soh Wah told us that the restuarant is almost nearly crowded during the weekdays and on weekends it is difficult to get a table!
Soh Wah suggested that we adjourn to the neighbouring restaurant called Red Dot which belongs to her good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ng to have some drinks and dessert. Going up the staircase, beautifully lighted up was an interesting experience. I will continue my writing as now, I have to go to Katong to show my clients an apartment. Till grateful thanks to Soh Wah and family for their kind hospitality and warmth. The friends that eat together bond together! That is why food always tastes so much better when taken with good company.
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