Monday, April 20, 2009

We Hear With Our Eyes!

During my first year at the Grande Prairie Regional College in Alberta, I had room and board with a medical doctor and his family. Anne Smith, Dr. Michael Smith's wife was a very wonderful and hospitable lady. I like her gentleness and helpfulness.

One evening, Anne said to me, "Choo, I broke my glasses this afternoon. Without my glasses, I realise that I don't hear so well when I watch the television." Being the quiet type, I did not respond or comment on what she had said, but later before I went to bed, I pondered over her statement. What have our eyes got to do with our hearing?

It was only two days ago that the truth dawned upon me after three decades! I have often preferred to watch Chinese, Indian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Thai, French, Russian and German movies because there would be some English subtitles. It is easier for me to read for I could read quite fast. However, where English movies are concerned, there are only Chinese subtitles. I find it difficult to sometimes catch what the actors/actresses are saying because of their strong accent. I had attributed this difficulty to my ears which are less sharp than others with excellent hearing.

However, just two days ago, my tenant Jasmin showed me the movie, "Taken" and although it is an English movie, there are English subtitles! This was the first time I came across an English movie with English subtitles! I read the English subtitles and to my surprise, I realise that I could hear the words quite well.

Suddenly I realised that was what Anne Smith had meant when she said she could not hear so well without her glasses. She had reiterated that most of us also used other senses or a combination of senses. Being able to see has enhanced our hearing, and being able to hear has also enhanced our comprehension and digestion of what we have seen.

Do my readers agree with me? Please share about your experiences with regard to the use of the senses.

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