Saturday, April 11, 2009

Midnight Shopping !

"Which suitcase should I get?" asked Ning. With her are her "consultants" - Avinesh and Jasmin

It's a's a luggage.....oh's a lady!

Gosh! It's the midnight shopping crowd at Mustaffa!

A little drama helps to keep Jasmin and Avinesh awake!

Ning had little time left for shopping. When she asked what time Carrefour closes for business, I suggested she might try shopping at 24 hours Mustafa after her dinner appointment with some friends from the Esplanade. Mustafa is a huge departmental store known for its great variety and fair pricing and hence she would not have to waste time bargaining. Hence, we left for Mustapha at midnight. My tenants Jasmin and Avinesh accompanied us as it was quite late and we could walk to Mustafa from home. It takes only about 10 minutes to walk to Mustafa.

I had never done midnight shopping and it was quite a novelty to see people still awake at this unearthly hour and shopping to their hearts' content. Ning, a careful shopper finally settled for a luggage which she liked. It is both good and cheap.

As the minutes ticked past, I felt exhausted, probably because I had just recovered from my flu, and it had been quite a long day.
Shopping at night is definitely cooler than in the day, but the humidity is still quite high, except that instead of sunlight, we have moonlight.! Also the crowd is lesser than in the day.

It was an interesting experience to see people thronging popular Mustafa as if there were no tomorrow. I also wondered why young children should still be accompanying their parents shopping when they should be fast asleep in bed.! Although it was a novel experience for me, I would still prefer to go to bed early by 11 p.m. as it would be a healthier lifestyle for me.

I think the best time to shop at Mustaffa is early in the morning when one feels alert and fresh. Also the crowd would be less than in the afternoon. Indeed, Singapore is not only a fried rice paradise, but she is also a shopping paradise! Come and shop, till you drop!

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