Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Have no fear, apple cider is here!

My heart goes out to the victims of the recent massive food poisoning, and especially to the lady who had passed away and the other lady who had miscarried her two month old foetus.

Not forgetting too the stall owner, who must be feeling absolutely terrible now that his famous rojak was the cause of all the pain and sufferings. For twenty years he had successfully established his stall with loyal patrons lining up everyday for his delicacies. Doubtless, many people would avoid his stall now, but I guess if he perseveres and would be extra careful in future, customers would soon patronise him again. Knowing how Singaporeans are often quite forgiving and how much Singaporeans love and appreciate good food, the stall owner should be up on his feet again.

I shared with my eldest sister, Lee Lee, about the food poisoning. My sister, who is always a walking encyclopedia, told me that nuts that have gone bad are very toxic. This is why she is always quite afraid to eat satay and gado gado, because of the nuts in the sauce. As most food vendors buy nuts by the bulk, it would be impossible for them to sieve through to spot rotten ones among the thousands of nuts. One of the ladies who survived the food poisoning had thought that the sauce she had eaten was a bit off.

I have a low threshold of pain. This is why I am scared of food poisoning....the immense sufferings from diarrhoea and vomiting are nothing to be desired. Fortunately I have very sensitive taste buds and a very sharp nose.....maybe nature's way of compensating me for my less than sharp hearing. Somehow I am almost always the first to detect stale food and leaking gas.....and less desirably when someone gives off that unwanted "poo ooot!"

After listening to my second sister, Ean Ean's narration about the wonderful apple cider, I am now a fan. Sister had shared how one of their church members was the only one who did not have food poisoning when the rest of the 40 members in the tour group had food poisoning after a buffet dinner in Los Angeles. He had proudly claimed that it was due to the glass of apple cider that he drinks everyday. Apple cider with some honey wards off any effects of food poisoning!

Wow! That's it! Since then, I always have a bottle of apple cider in the fridge, and I would definitely drink a glass if I had a wedding dinner or if I were to take food from the hawkers. Or if I were to take some leftover food in the fridge, you can be sure it will be accompanied with a glass of apple cider.

Have absolutely no fear,
for great apple cider is here!
To keep your stomach clear,
Your health safe, good and sheer!

Bon appetit! Buon appetito! Sila makan! Swadish khana! Rusiya irekire! Enjoy your food!

Gan Chau

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