Friday, April 17, 2009

One of my Favourite Buildings

Lovely architecture!

Wall mural of paintings by students

LaSalle, College of the Arts

A building that is unique and outstanding in design

One of the benefits of living in Little India has to be the close proximity of many interesting buildings. One of my favourites is LaSalle, College of the Arts. I guess as the name suggests it, the building has to be very different from others....unique and artistic.

I always enjoy walking to my various destinations if I have the time and if they are near enough. I would walk to Orchard Road, Bugis, City Hall, Lavendar, Newton Circus, etc. I feel that I get to see more things when I walk. Morever, I get the "forced exercise" from my destination walking.

Not being able to draw or design, I can never enrol in any Arts school, but I do appreciate aesthetical things and objects. I guess I must have some flair in appreciation of art because a friend had commented that I have some of my brother's best paintings. I can also tell whether a building or outfit is well designed. That is a comfort to me. I believe that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

I am glad that our government is now doing more for the arts and is encouraging her people in the pursuit and development of their artistic talent. Let us keep our lives colorful by having time to appreciate sound and colours in the world around us!

Gan Chau
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