Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aloe Vera

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One of the most fascinating and versatile herbal plants to me is the aloe vera. I started growing aloe vera quite seriously when I was given a plant by the Hongkah North Toastmasters Club. Yatti, the club treasurer, not only cooks but also prepares special gifts to visiting appointment holders.

My little aloe vera plant has bloomed and has also "given birth" to many smaller shoots. In turn, I am now giving away the baby plants to friends and neighbours.
I noticed that some of the Chinese restaurants like Crystal Jade have been using aloe vera for their desserts.

Every now and then, I would cut the aloe vera plant, and separate the soft gel which I cut into smaller pieces and put them in my fruit juice. It tastes really nice and is a healthy drink.

I will use the remaining aloe vera to rub on the face. It makes a nice mask...cooling and firming the skin.

When my pet dogs had wounds I would squeeze some aloe vera juice from smaller shoots. Amazingly the wounds heal quite fast, and I would also not worry if my dogs were to lick it.

The Creator has given us so many wonderful plants and herbs!

Gan Chau

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