Sunday, June 14, 2009

Czzar - a Russian Restaurant ?





Of late, I have been visiting Great World City Shopping Centre quite frequently for lunch and dinner because of its proximity to Mirage Tower and Rivergate.

I have tried the food at Kenny Rogers and Crystal Jade Restaurant as well as some of the food stores at the food court. I have passed by this restaurant with the name, Czzar, and thinking that it is a Russian restaurant, I give it a pass. However, one day, I had a little more time, and began to read the menu.....the pictures of the food look familiar....maybe some kind of fusion food.!

Yesterday, after an open house, Carrie and I decided to have an early dinner. We had quite a load to carry and Carrie decided to try the food at Czzar, instead of walking further to the food court. We were warmly welcomed by the well-groomed staff and to our surprise, she told us that Czzar is pronounced as "Zhi char!" Zhi char is popularly known as good food cooked by restaurants in coffee shops....their a-la-carte dishes are as good as restaurant menus and are more economically priced. Hence Czzar serves zhi char food which is cooked in a more refined manner.

Yes, Czzar is as good and as "upperty" as the name suggests. Their yam basket is slightly smaller, but the yam and ingredients are fresh and not oily. The spareribs were cooked just right, moist, yet devoid of excess oil. Carrie and I like the soup the best....winter melon cooked with pork and herbs. The pretty supervisor came to talk to us when she saw me snapping some photographs and she was delighted to hear that I would be posting an article about the restaurant in my blog.

Having studied in Canada for four years and having sweetened my tastebuds, dessert is always a must especially after a good meal. Carrie ordered red bean with peanut balls while I tried the avocado pudding which comes with some brown sugar. Excellently prepared and a must try.!

Czzar's set menus are attractively priced at $68/- for a table of six, and $208/- for a table of ten.
Hence if my local readers or any of my foreign fans were to visit Singapore, do drop by at Czzar for a great and hearty meal of finely cooked Singaporean cuisine!

Gan Chau
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