Friday, June 19, 2009

Wastage! Wastage! Wastage!


The amount of wastage left behind by inconsiderate diners at McDonalds at Tiong Bahru Plaza!

I had arranged to meet my client, Sharilynn who lives near Tiong Bahru Plaza. I looked around for a table and spotted one which was just vacated by some diners. There was a lot of uncleared mess on the table. Just then I saw that there were little containers of chilli sauce. Gosh! Why would anyone take so much chilli sauce and left them unconsumed.? People have no qualms about taking more than they need! Just because these are given free? Should they not think of the poor operators and their less than desired profit margin?

A number of years ago, I visited England, and was somewhat surprised when a food outlet made it mandatory for customers to pay for packets of chilli sauce. You can bet that some people did not even bother about chilli or tomato sauce. Perhaps it is about time that MacDonalds start to do the same. Perhaps MacDonalds should also introduce vegetarian burgers. After all, we have been encouraged to consume less meat.

Hence, instead of constantly increasing the prices of the food served, operators should rethink how they should go around to reduce wastage and to reward those who are considerate and have civic consciousness. There were also so many cups of unfinished cokes, seven-up and sprite. I immediately think of the poor African boy who had to wash his hair with horse urine! Let us try our utmost not to be wasteful, but to constantly think of how we can help to save the world! Above all, to be grateful that we have food on the table, and clean water to drink and to shower with.

Gan Chau

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