Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gratitude Determines Our Attitude

While still on the subject of gratitude, it is amazing how often people forget so quickly. Spouses forget about the wonderful things and sacrifices their partners have made for them.

I once met a lovely lady from China while I was walking my pet dog, Xiao Bai very early in the morning. Monica saw my cute Chow Chow and immediately came over to pat my dog. "So cute and lovable", she said, with a distinctive Beijing accent.

"Where're you going so early in the morning?", I asked her.

"Going to the temple around the way where is this famous temple located?"

I pointed her to a road not far from where we were standing.

"Dogs are wonderful.....they make better friends than human beings", Monica continued.

To my surprise, she began to share with me about her ex-boyfriend, a Chinese doctor whom she had sponsored his 5 years of university education. She worked very hard to support him. Yet, after his graduation, he disdained Monica's secondary school education, and finally married his classmate, a gynaecologist.

"I wish I could kill him!", said Monica, her pretty face somewhat contorted with pain and revenge. One could detect the hurt and remorse etched on her pretty face.

I invited her to have breakfast with my sister and me. Eldest sister spent the whole morning, sharing with her about the love of Jesus and to encourage her to forgive. Grudges are too heavy to carry. It would be better to release them.

I am sure, Monica's story is familiar to almost everyone. I guess if husbands and wives show gratitude to each other, there would be less divorces in the world.

Gan Chau

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