Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Love Corgis !!


Cute and friendly Duffy

Corgis are always so adorably cute!

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I like dogs and do not mind any breed, big or small, purebred or mixed. I see the beauty and unique characteristics of each breed. Whenever I meet a dog, I would be sure to pat it on its head, after asking the owner about its characteristics. If the dog is shy or unfriendly, I will just try and greet the dog, "Hi, doggy!"

I understand that Queen Elizabeth particularly likes corgis and she has 21 dogs to boot. Wow! What lucky dogs! I heard that sometimes the corgis would go along with the queen on her flight. ! Wow! Travelling dogs. Some adults have never even flown in a plane throughout their lifetime!

I came to appreciate corgis when I visited Ericcson Pet Farm at Pasir Ris. At that time, the owner of the pet farm, Eric, had a corgi. He was like the mascot of the whole place and literally greeted all the visitors when they arrived. I was impressed by Bubbly, the corgi. There he was at the main entrance, like a concierge of a hotel. If only he could speak, he would probably say, "Welcome! May I show you around?"

Bubbly followed us everywhere as if to make sure everything was alright. I smiled because somehow corgis reminded me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, for indeed, corgis look like little dwarfs with their expressive eyes, short legs, oversized bodies and longish ears. Everthing about corgis is out of proportion, yet on the whole, they look so adorably cute! I asked Eric if I could buy Bubbly but Eric said he was not for sale. However, if I wished, I could bring Bubbly back for a week to dog sit. I was delighted and yet worried at the same time for I was not sure how my dog, Kamlette, would react to having a four-legged stranger in the home.

Kamlette was at first unfriendly towards Bubbly. Whenever she saw Bubbly snuggling to me, she would spring forth and Bubbly was very clever. He would quickly lie flat on his little body with his four little legs dangling in the air! It was a sign of submission! With this show of humility, Kamlette was forgiving and left him alone.

I observed with amusement how Bubbly would try to win Kamlette's favour. He would try to go close to her and Kamlette showed her disapproval by snarling at him. Yet he would try again a few more times. On the third morning, I woke up and was surprised to find the two dogs sleeping together! Another lesson for me. If we try hard enough to be friendly, even the most hostile of persons would soften and relent!

It was with a heavy heart that I returned Bubbly to Eric after a week. Bubbly stood at attention at the main entrance again when he heard the arrival of customers.! I went back to the farm a few times to see Bubbly and each time when I was about to drive off, he would jump into the car, as if thinking I would bring him home.! Dogs do remember!

I was delighted when I came across a lovely corgi while walking back from my client's apartment at Pristine Heights. Duffy was friendly and cute, and loved to be tickled on her belly.

Dogs make my world go round!! I am a happier and better person because of the lessons I learn from them! Lessons of faithfulness, forgiveness, giving and receiving of unconditional love.

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