Monday, June 15, 2009

Please Cover Up Your Backsides !!



I am sick and tired of seeing all these rubbish vans with their backsides exposed glaringly and blatantly all these years!

It is ironical that when we cough, we are advised to cover up our mouths with masks. Yet these vehicles carrying billions of germs would just leave their backsides uncovered! Is it too difficult for the driver to just press a button, and hey presto, the cover will come down.? How could the vehicles ply all over Singapore, with their vehicles uncovered, leaving passers by with a stench and an exposure to inhale unhealthy organisms in the air.!

When I was in Taiwan, I noticed that the rubbish vehicles had their backs covered up. Better still, the rubbish vehicle is always accompanied by another smaller vehicle which collects recycled items. It is interesting to note that classical music like Fur Elise and Maiden's Prayer will accompany these vehicles, as if announcing their arrival. The residents would await eagerly with their rubbish bundled neatly. The recycled items will be collected by the smaller van. I was quite impressed with what I saw, for the residents seem to be enjoying what they are doing with civic consciousness, and with the loud music in the air, it almost appeared like a carnival!!!

It is about time that something is done with the way rubbish is being disposed in Singapore, as befits a country that is well known for its greenery and cleanliness.

Gan Chau
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