Thursday, June 11, 2009

In Memory of Chelsea


Chelsea with her beloved playmates - the Slaters' two lovely children

Chelsea's favourite resting place in my home - the sofa!

Chelsea endears herself to everyone - a very sweet dog

Chelsea with her favourite ball

I was very tired when I arrived home late at night. Just as I was about to proceed to check my emails, I received an sms from Shahnaz, "Dear Lynn, I am writing to you with some very sad news. Lovely Chelsea has passed away peacefully this evening. We know how much you loved her and she loved you so much too. Please say a special prayer for her. Thank you for always being there for our Chelsea. May her soul rest in peace."

I cried. On that very morning, I had told my tenant, Jasmin, that when Chelsea comes to stay with us again, we would be able to take her on longer walks with us when we have our morning exercise. It would be great if Chelsea comes to stay with us during the school holidays in June as it tends to rain in December.

I first met Shahnaz walking her pet Cocker Spaniel when I was marketing a unit at Clementi Park. Shahnaz asked if I was living in the condominium. When she found out that I was marketing a unit she asked if she could view it too. Shahnaz later bought a bigger unit which I found for her and family. Thanks to Chelsea, our paths crossed because I would always pat any dog I met along the way.

Hence for the past few years, whenever Shahnaz had to leave Singapore for a vacation, she would ask me to dog-sit Chelsea. Shahnaz had adopted Chelsea from the SPCA. It would be hard for anyone to know that Chelsea was once an abused dog. With the love given by Shahnaz and family, Chelsea had become a loving and affectionate dog. She loved her favourite game of "Catch". She would retrieve the ball I had thrown to her. Chelsea had a good appetite and had a healthy coat of ruby-brown fur.

I was relieved to hear that Chelsea was sick for three days, for her immune system had broken down. She did not have to suffer for too long. The memory of sweet Chelsea will be forever etched in our memories.

Gan Chau

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