Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Basking in sheer opulence !


A place to anchor the yachts

The Coast @ Sentosa Cove

The view from the balcony of living room and master bedroom

The two bedrooms at the back also have full sea view!
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One of our clients has asked us to market his newly completed condominium at the Coast at Sentosa Cove. Frankly, it is the first time that I have been to Sentosa Cove! When my partner drove me there, I was mesmerised by the beauty and sheer opulence of the place. Bungalows with their private yatchs and lovely condominiums are a sight to behold.

I love my client's unit. There is a full sea view in front of us. From the bedroom at the back there is also a view of the sea. It suddenly made me feel as if I were in an ocean liner with sea view on both sides of the building!

Of course the price of the condominium is equally opulent! A cool $4.2M!

I am happy for the success and wealth of my client. I am blessed to be able to enjoy the beauty and opulence even as I am marketing the property.

I come back to my little apartment in Little India with gratitude and sheer contentment in my heart to the Lord for His abundant blessings. As a property agent, I get so many opportunities to admire beautiful architecture and designs and to meet interesting people from all walks of life. Since I work from home, I could wear the most comfortable of clothings - in housecoats and pyajamas, and I can dress to the nines when I am at a client's open house party! I can work anywhere - at the table by the pool side of my clients' condominiums, or at McDonalds or any foodcourt while waiting for the next appointment. I just love the flexibility of my work.!

Gan Chau

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