Friday, June 19, 2009

Herbal Therapy


The herbs that are taken once every morning - from left to right. Herb for hypertension, herb for cancer, herbs for diabetes and mint leaves.

The herbs for cancer

The herbs for diabetes
The herbs for lowering high blood pressure
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For almost the whole month of April, I often had giddiness and headaches. After taking some herbal remedies, my headaches have been greatly reduced.

My niece-in-law, Dea, had given me a plant that is popularly grown in Africa and is well known for lowering hypertension. I had often brewed the dried leaves as tea. It was only recently that sister Lee Lee mentioned that I should take the leaf as it is. Wow! It is really bitter, even more bitter than bitter gourd!!

I regularly take the herbs for diabetes and have been able to keep the diabetic level at a healthy range. Whenever I feel my throat getting sore, I will take some mint leaves.

Fortunately I like to eat leafy things - hence taking these herbs is not a problem at all. Best of all, I enjoy growing them at the broad passageway of my apartment.
It gives me a nice and warm feeling when I pluck these leaves with gratitude to the Creator, for He knows we need these natural herbs to sustain us in good health.

I am grateful that I am now in better health, as I have to run around more as the property market has been spicy hot the past 7 weeks.

I was glad when my best friend, Amu, came to visit me recently, and I boiled some "ren" tea for her as she had been coughing for the past one month. Amu also plucked some mint leaves to take home for daily consumption.

If any of my local readers are convinced to try the herbs that I have mentioned, please feel free to ask, and you will be given.

It is really no fun being sick and looking at the world with somewhat hazy eyes.
How true when someone says that good health is great wealth!

Gan Chau

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