Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Choo Choo Restaurant!

Wow! I am rich! I have so ooo ooooo ooooooo many restaurants around the world! It was only when I received an email from my niece, Tyng, that I realised how "rich" I am!

"Hey, Aunty Choo Choo,

That's interesting to have a restaurant named after you (at least I would like to think so!)

I think the link you attached to the restaurant website is the wrong one. You are leading readers to a Choo Choo Japanese and Korean Grill house in Georgia.

Tyng "

My apologies, readers. The right website for the Choo Choo Restaurant in Illinois should be www.thechoochoo.com and www.choochoorestaurant.com belongs to the Japanese and Korean Grill House.

With my name linked to so many restaurants and even a hotel, named Chattanooga Choo Choo in Tennessee, how can I ever have the chance of becoming slim? Again when I do go to Georgia and drop by the Japanese and Korean Grill House, I will greet the owners and say, "Konichiwa. Ahn nyong ha seh yo. I am Choo Choo from Singapore. 50% off the menu for the real, warm-blooded Choo Choo?"

Bon appetit! Buon appetito!

Gan Chau

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