Monday, April 28, 2008

Vanity Fare

My Gosh! S$270,000/- spent on cosmetics surgery all over the world, and now having to fork out more money to Dr. Woffles Wu in Singapore, in a desperate attempt to rectify a botched plastic surgery! Miss Lau An Ling, an actress from the Philippines first started with silicone injected into her vagina to make her look more sexy! The doctor was not properly qualified for the job, and she lost all feelings! The silicone hardened. In 2000 she had silicone injected into her face and buttocks which both turned lumpy instead. In 2001, a doctor tried to suck silicone out of her face, and it left her face looking sunken. In 2004, another doctor tried to remove silicone from her buttocks by liposuction, but left depressions on them instead. Now Miss Lau's face looks like someone had melted the edges around it - a result of a doctor injecting silicone directly into her face, and then another doctor trying to remove it. Her eyes have a startled look. Part of her eyelids had been cut away and pulled too high. Her nose now looks a little too bulky for her face, and her hands look a little like a man's hand - thick and bulky! In brief, she is now a mockery of her former attractive self.

Dr. Wu, one of Singapore's most reputable plastic surgeon said, "She's been pumped full of silicone by doctors, and persuaded into getting botox and fillers done every week in the Philippines till she is financially dry."

This morning, I mentioned the above article to my brother Kee Yong. He told me that in Canada, there had been some cases of botched plastic surgery jobs done by ill-qualified doctors who only wanted to siphon money from trusting and naive patients.

The irony of it all is that the ladies who had gone for plastic surgeries are usually more than your average looking Jane! Yet, they are still not contented with what they have been bestowed with, and want to look even more beautiful! Whenever I read of such reports, I immediately think of Snow White's wicked stepmother who asked the Spirit in the Mirror:-

"Mirror, mirror on the wall!
Who's the fairest amongst them all".

I believe that while the wicked stepmother looked beautiful in her own way, probably with a svelte figure, elegant height, fine facial features, her beauty was marred by an evil heart, jealousy and strife to want to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Snow White's beauty was enhanced by her kindness, gentleness, helpfulness, compassion, simplicity and joy. She took things in her stride even when she found herself lost in the forest, and took comfort in the animals and the dwarfs she met. Forgetting her own plight, she was more bent on making life more comfortable for the dwarfs by cleaning their house.

We also read of the rich tai tai who had spent over $300,000 on cosmetics surgery on nearly all the parts of her body! Her husband is in the fashion industry, and is constantly surrounded by beautiful women. The stress of remaining attractive is taking a strain and she said, "At least my husband's still coming back to me".

Compare the above tai tai with a lady owner of a hdb flat I had once met. Catherine (not her real name) is a plain Jane with rabbit teeth, somewhat rough complexion and small eyes that hid behind a pair of thick glasses. Yet her handsome husband loves her dearly. I enjoyed watching the loving couple when I brought my client to view their well-designed flat. Catherine is a college lecturer while her husband is an engineer in a multi-national company. I would not be surprised if Catherine's close
friends would have advised her to wear braces to straighten her rabbit teeth, go for facials and botox to improve her complexion and perhaps have double eyelids to enlarge her eyes, and her glasses be replaced by contact lens. Both husband and wife are fervent in their church activities and except for their jobs, seem to be doing everything together. They are childless but have two pet dogs which are like their children.

However, after a few meetings, I found that Catherine actually looks attractive, with her vibrant personality and ready laughter. Her glaring confidence and exuberance for life have overshadowed her plain looks. Her inner beauty outshines her less than perfect features. No wonder her husband finds her so attractive to be with. She is definitely a fun person to be with. Wall flowers will definitely fade on the wall.

Hence ladies, please be content with what you have been blessed with. Instead of rushing to the plastic surgeon, ask yourself how you can be more attractive by having more exuberance, joy and confidence. If you really must see a plastic surgeon, do your homework and go for well-qualified surgeons.

Always remember that at the end of the day, beauty is more than skin deep. You will fare more successfully when you are at peace with yourself. This inner peace can only come about when you are contented, positive, forgiving, loving and lacking in strife and jealousy. Your confidence comes from knowing who you are for you are the artist of your own life as you paint your own portrait.

Gan Chau

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nice article. you made me had an second thought abt botox