Friday, April 04, 2008

Just to ponder...

I had to go to my clients' new flat at Bukit Panjang to pass her some documents.
My client had insisted that I arrive at her new flat at Bukit Panjang after 9p.m. I had once driven to Bukit Panjang some twenty years ago. I checked the bus/mrt directory and found out that bus 960 would bring me directly to her flat. I just missed the bus 960 at Bukit Timah Road, opposite the Little India MRT, and another bus came in 15 minutes time. It was about 8.37p.m. As it was crowded, I had to stand throughout the journey. I chose to stand right in the centre of the bus where the two buses joined together. It was fun watching the bend creasing up and I felt as if I were rocking on a moving horse.! It sped along the highway after passing the Raffles Town Club.

I was surprised that the 9.00p.m. Channel Movie had just started when I arrived! It had taken me only about 23 minutes to reach my destination. I was so glad to be able to watch the one hour program with my clients. I had been following this comedy, "Just in Singapore" and would hate to miss it. I observed that we only talked during the commercial break. Watching a TV program brought us closer with a new camaraderie. No wonder people say that birds of the same feathers flock together.!

The above reaffirms my decision to retire in Singapore. On every visit to Penang, I often toyed with the idea of retiring in my hometown. There is now a demand for English teachers in Malaysia. However, when I think of the infrastructure in Penang, I change my mind. I want to be able to zip around with ease in buses, trains and taxis. I would not dare to drive in Penang, given the massive traffic jams. Although I had obtained my driving licence from Penang some 28 years ago, I would not dare to drive on the roads in Penang now!

Hence, now I will just content myself with my yearly visit home to see my beloved brother Kee Seng and his family. How nice, it would be if Penang Island were located nearer to Singapore! Then I would be able to visit the island more often.

My colleagues in Singapore want to arrange a visit to Penang. I will have the pleasure of playing "tourist guide". Brother Kee Seng will be the official "food guide". He knows all the delicacies tucked in every nook and corner of beautiful Penang Island!

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